Howard Township crash sends two children to hospital

CASS COUNTY, Mich. – The Cass County Sheriff’s office reported on Monday that two vehicles were involved in a crash at the intersection of Carberry and Yankee, resulting in injuries and two children sent to South Bend Memorial Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities stated the first vehicle had turned into Yankee from Huntley Road and forgotten to turn off their right turn signal and the second vehicle was intending to cross Yankee from Carberry Road.

The driver of the second vehicle told authorities they saw the signal on the first vehicle and thought they were in the process of turning when they pulled from the stop they had been waiting at for traffic to clear.

The first vehicle struck the driver’s side of the second vehicle, resulting in non-life-threatening injuries to the driver’s minor children, said deputies.

The sheriff’s office finished the report by saying alcohol and/or drugs are not a factor in the crash and all parties were wearing seatbelts.

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