Human waste thrown on homeless couple's tent

NOW: Human waste thrown on homeless couple’s tent


SOUTH BEND Ind.---A homeless couple says someone threw buckets full of urine and fecal matter on to their tent. The couple was displaced after South Bend’s “tent city” was shut down.

South Bend Police say it happened Friday morning.

“We were out getting something to eat, we did a little laundry, we come back to our spot right here to find it covered in feces and urine,” said Clarence Hurmon, who was living in the tent.

The tent was located in between Dolous Chapel and a home on South St. Joseph Street. The chapel was allowing  homeless people to place their tents on chapel property until Monday.

Hurmon and his wife had to throw away all of their possessions because of the incident.

“I thought we were a better community. It makes us feel like less than people,” said Hurmon.

The couple was given new tents and supplies thanks to donations from Fix-It-Forward. South Bend Police is investigating the incident.

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