Hundreds attend funeral to remember Denise Bohn-Stewart

Hundreds gathered to mourn the loss of local radio and TV personality Denise Bohn-Stewart, who was killed in a murder-suicide last week.

“That’s what I really remember about her, was just, whenever I was around her it was always a good time,” Harold Bohn said of his second cousin, Denise.

Harold joined his family in mourning the loss of Denise Sunday afternoon at St. Joseph’s First Church of God, remembering what made her stand out most.

“Just her smile; she’s always upbeat and, for me, it was her passion for her family,” Harold said.

Passion is a word many use to describe Denise – a loving mother to her three children and one stepson who was known for her career as a local radio and TV personality, along with being a passionate survivor of breast cancer.

“I always remember her being that way, always charged and full of energy,” Harold said.

Hundreds of friends and family streamed into the church Sunday to honor a life cut short.

Police say Denise, who was 45, was shot and killed by her husband, Eric, before he took his own life.

But on Sunday, the focus was honoring a survivor, who always put others first before herself.

Harold said while Denise was fighting her breast cancer, her only focus was making sure her family stayed healthy.

“All she was concerned about was the women in our family and my daughter,” he said.

And though she beat her cancer, she continued to lead a charge to educate, even establishing a breast cancer awareness game with the local high school football team.

Members of the team stopped by the church Sunday sporting the pink jerseys that Denise created.

“You meet her once and she’s the type of lady that you just like immediately,” St. Joseph High School student Jake Sremba said.

Denise’s time on this earth was cut short, but family members say her legacy will live on.

“She always wanted to help and she was always willing to give a hand,” Harold said. “I just think that if we all did that more, the world would be a lot better place and it’s been a lot better place with [Denise] in it.”

You can make a donation to help support the Stewart children here. And you can join the "Race for the Cure" team Denise had set up here; the team will be taking part in the May 14 race in her honor. 

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