Hundreds of NIPSCO customers without power

SYRACUSE, Ind. -- Hundreds of NIPSCO customers in Kosciusko County lost power after Wednesday morning's snow storm. The small town of Syracuse looked like an abandoned ghost town.

"When we got here this morning, the power was on. And then it was flashing on and off as it was everywhere when the wind was hitting the wires together. And it went on and off probably a dozen times and then it finally decided to stay off," said business owner Tim Yoder.


Yoder owns Leisure Pools and Spas in Syracuse. The outage kept him from operating business as usual.

"We can't do a thing right now, our phones all go through the computer system, we're down one hundred percent," said Yoder. "We'll just try it again tomorrow."


The heavy snow and high winds are no match for power lines.

"This by far is the iciest conditions we've had all winter, if it was dry it wouldn't be so bad," said Yoder.


The first official day of spring is just one week away, and after this storm, Yoder says spring can't come fast enough.


"Someone needs to call Mother Nature and tell her to get a move on, we need spring," said Yoder.


NIPSCO officials say they have all hands on deck to get power back on as soon as possible.


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