Hurricane Ida and Labor Day weekend raising gas prices locally

NOW: Hurricane Ida and Labor Day weekend raising gas prices locally

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Experts project that the impacts of Hurricane Ida combined with entering Labor Day weekend could send gas prices to the highest they have been since 2014.

A number of oil refineries had to shut down operations off the Gulf Coast due to Hurricane Ida, lowering the supply of gas for the country recently.

Combined with higher demand in travel for Labor Day weekend, gas prices are expected to hit record highs in the coming days.

“We anticipate a three to five cent increase for a regular gallon of gas and that is due to Hurricane Ida and its impact as well as the demand for gas over the Labor Day weekend. Holiday Motorists are going to see gas prices at the highest since 2014 and in Indiana the average gas price today is $3.60 and in South Bend it’s $3.14,” said Molly Hart, Spokesperson for AAA, The Auto Club Group.

Some local residents say a spike in gas prices could limit their travel plans this holiday weekend.

“When you have a strict budget on gas it kind of messes with your play money,” one South Bend resident said.

Prices are expected to rise, but Michiana is not expected to see any troubling shortages on the gas supply for the area.

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