Hurricane Sandy: Storm watchers flock to local beaches

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- At Lions Park Beach near St. Joseph, Michigan, people are gathering along the beach in to check out the rough conditions

Daundra and Bud Baker are on St Joe's coast to see something they've never seen before.

"They said 20-foot waves. The highest we’ve seen is 8-16,” said Baker.

They weren't disappointed.

Jens Hanson traveled four hours from Madison Wisconsin just to be a part of it.

"At some point it'll start to get the heart pumping a little bit,” said Hanson.

He's one of the kite surfers testing his luck on the waves over the next couple days.

It's not fun and games for Berrien County Emergency Management's Corey Burks,

The threat of sustained 50 mile an hour gusts could wreak havoc on the coast with the real possibility of mass power outages.

"What we don't need is people out in the streets with power lines, utility lines down,” said Burks.

If the winds do take down power lines, stay in your house. Make sure you've got everything you need, like extra food, water, a flashlight and blankets.


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