Hydroplaning, flooding risk present across Michiana this weekend

NOW: Hydroplaning, flooding risk present across Michiana this weekend

With more rain on the way this weekend, many Michiana roads will remain wet and slippery for the next few days. This means your chance of hydroplaning is high if you're not careful.

Hydroplaning occurs when water pressure in the front of the tire pushes water underneath it. The tire is separated from the surface of the road by a thin layer of water, and loses traction. This can cause you to lose control of your steering, breaking, and power.

Slowing down during rainy weather, keeping your tires properly inflated, turning off cruise control and avoiding hard breaking are all ways to avoid hydroplaning.

A Flash Flood Watch remains in effect for Michiana until Sunday morning. If you encounter flooded roadways, remember: turn around, don't drown. 

As little as six inches of water reaches the bottom of most vehicles, and if the water is moving fast enough, is all it takes to knock you off your feet. A foot of water is all that is needed to float most vehicles, and even SUVs and pick-ups can be swept away with just two feet of water. 

The chance of downpours remains in the forecast into the start of next week. 

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