I&M gives update to flood response

Indiana Michigan Power says the recent flood waters have caused some customers to be disconnected and is affecting the company's 6 hydroelectric dams on the St. Joseph River.

I&M says all of their dams along the St. Joseph River in northern Indiana and Michigan are operating properly.

The Buchanan hydro plant is near capacity, but there is still room to pass high river flows, the company said.

Approximately 250 customers in Michigan and 300 in Indiana were disconnected due to rising water.

I&M recommends the following safety precautions:

Disconnect electrical appliances and do not touch electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water.

Do not go into any room or basement if water is covering appliance cords that are plugged in or if water has reached the wall outlets.

Don’t enter a room if you hear popping or buzzing, or if you see sparks.

Never go into a basement with standing water in it unless you are sure the electricity is off.

If water rises to your electric meter base, or rises to wall outlets, call I&M to have your power disconnected. In Indiana, call 800-311-4634. In Michigan, call 800-311-6424.

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