Ice sculpture festivals draw crowds in Michigan

NOW: Ice sculpture festivals draw crowds in Michigan

DOWAGIAC, Mich.—The Dowagiac Ice Time Festival and the St. Joseph Magical Ice Fest drew crowds looking for winter fun on Saturday.

Attendees of the Dowagiac Ice Time Festival enjoyed the warmer winter weather with sled dog meet and greets, ice castle building and more two days after the January deep freeze.

"The turnout has been fantastic because everybody's been cooped up and has cabin fever from the weather from the last couple of days, we've had a fantastic turnout, everybody's coming out enjoying all the free activities, seeing the guys do their artwork, it's been a great day so far and we're not done yet,” said Kris Soenen, Dowagiac Ice Time Festival Chair.

Whereas attendees of the 15th annual St. Joseph Magical Ice Fest marveled at the unique ice sculptures on display.

"The ice sculptures and the activities and everything... there's a dinosaur one and then there's a huge big one in a tent that people are working on,” said Sylas Keys.

The Magical Ice Fest will continue Sunday the 2nd from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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