Icy weather impact on Berrien County

NOW: Icy weather impact on Berrien County


 NILES, Mich. --- An ice storm appeared across Michiana this morning and many people experienced winter mishaps as a result.

Alisha Reed, a resident in Niles, was home this morning with her kids when her dog started barking nonstop. She then discovered a large tree branch that fell in her backyard.

Reed said she’s happy no one was hurt and her property wasn’t damaged.

“It probably would’ve got the powerlines in the back which wouldn’t have been really good,” said Reed. Or if it went a little further this way it could’ve landed on the garage.”

About ten minutes up the road, owner of Kachur Tree Service, Mike Kachur, said he’s heard some cases of trees falling on powerlines due to these weather conditions. Kachur said falling powerlines are especially common and people should not go near them.

“Even though it’s a coated line, if that line has cracks and you’re out there trying to cut it off, it can still shock you,” said Kachur.

He also mentioned that what happened with Reed’s branch falling and like many others that may have fallen today, is caused by the ice build-up.

“So when the rain is coming down the rain is sticking to the trees and the rain is still cold,” said Kachur. It’s forming ice and you get a lot of weight on the tree.”



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