IDEM: Drewry's owner must clean asbestos, construction debris from site

View of construction and demolition debris piles

Photo courtesy IDEM

View of construction and demolition debris piles of wood towards the back of the property

Photo courtesy IDEM

Closer view of the construction and demolition debris piles on site.

Photo courtesy IDEM

An inspection report from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management found asbestos in construction demolition debris at the old Drewry's Brewery site in South Bend, according to an inspection report from the state.

The inspection was conducted on July 1, 2019 as a result of a complaint of open dumping of construction and demolition debris. It states asbestos was found on the site in June.

IDEM sent the owner of the property, Steve Durkee, an email on August 27 with information on the violations found during the July inspection.

The report states an inspector found construction and demolition debris within the fenced perimeter of the property in violation of state law.

The inspector said the piles of debris contained concrete, stone, bricks, plastic, old pieces of wood, used asphalt shingles and asbestos, according to the IDEM report.

IDEM says the owner has 90 days to remove and properly dispose of the construction and demolition debris that does not contain asbestos.

Durkee, who has been fined more than $60,000 by the city for code violations at the site has agreed to clean the asbestos with a company that is properly licensed.

Durkee says he submitted an asbestos abatement plan to the state. In it he says he will:

  • Keep suspected asbestos debris wet to prevent contaminated dust from going airborne.
  • Inspect the entire 15 acre site for possible asbestos
  • Secure and properly dispose of suspected asbestos material off site--as required by state law

The plan has to be approved by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

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