Increase in farm vehicle traffic during harvest season

Harvest season is here and farmers are asking drivers to work together to keep rural roads safe this season.

Farm vehicles from trucks to tractors will be sharing local roads and highways this harvest season with passenger vehicles.

According to Tom Farms in Leesburg, vehicle collisions most commonly occur between 4 and 8 PM.

Children are coming home from school while others are hitting the roads on their way home from work or other errands.

It’s a very busy 4 hour time period so to keep safe, make sure you are staying back at least 50 feet when following farm equipment.

According to Indiana law, farm equipment operated on a highway is required to be equipped with two single-beam or multiple beam head lamps.

Indiana law also requires two red lamps or reflectors be mounted in the rear of a farm tractor.

Tom Farms says in 2010 more than 157 accidents occurred in Indiana involving farm equipment.

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