Indeck Niles energy center groundbreaking

NOW: Indeck Niles energy center groundbreaking

NILES, Mich. -- After 20 years of planning, ground was broken for the one billion dollar Indeck Niles Energy Center just on city limits in the Niles Industrial Park. 

This 1085 megawatt plant is estimated to give Niles $25 million in tax revenue along with bringing in 500 construction jobs and nearly two dozen high skill permanent positions. 

The plant is utilizing General Electric technologies to power the natural gas-fired plant.

This is not a utility project so nothing will come from the tax payer except for paying those hired by the city in the planning process. The funds are stemming from Indeck, Korea Southern Power Co. (KOSPO), and Daelim Energy respectively holding 20, 50, and 30 percent equity ownership. 

Some big names were at the ceremony today including Congressman Fred Upton, Young Sok Kim of the Korean Consulate General, Chicago; Niles Mayor Nick Shelton, and representatives from the three investors. The ceremony included a video, numerous speakers from key characters in the planning, investing, and creating of the plant, gift of the company mailbox and the groundbreaking itself.

While the company and those present were excited to launch into this next phase, some residents in the area still are holding concerns. 

Deanna Salisbury of Buchanan, MI. listed her concerns:

1. Emissions and lack of information on them.

2. How 80% of the ownership is found overseas. 

and 3. Environmental reasons: how there were other renewable options available (solar, wind, water) and yet they chose natural gas.

However, there are still residents who live just down the road from the currently vacant lot like Karl Eaves, who thinks it is a great asset to Niles. Eaves thinks the job availability is a plus no matter what. 

No matter how people feel about it, Wednesday marks start of 34 months of construction with the plant estimated to be finished in March of 2022.

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