Indiana 12-year-old not giving up on bowling dreams despite having one arm

LAFAYETTE, Ind.-- A 12-year-old Hoosier has a simple dream, to bowl a perfect game, but it won't be that easy for him.

Last year, Mark Rodgers of Lafayette had his left arm, his dominant arm, amputated after a U.T.V. accident.

The day that he left the hospital, he asked if they could go bowling right away.

Crystal Rodgers, the boys mom said, "He won't give up. He's determined, and he just keeps getting better everyday. He just amazes me more and more."

Mark said, "Things just don't always work out. I had to turn around and come back and try my very best to do it with my right arm, and it's turned out pretty well."

Mark recently took first place in The Indiana Middle School Regionals Tournament in Indianapolis. He now advanced to state finals this Saturday.


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