Indiana Adult Protective Services seeking more money for upgrades

NOW: Indiana Adult Protective Services seeking more money for upgrades

Hoosier lawmakers are being urged to provide more money to help protect adults that might fall victim to abuse or neglect.

According to a recent report by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, as well as the state’s Prosecuting Attorneys Council, calls for changes are being made to make sure that Adult Protective Services gets more money. There’s also an effort being made to get all agencies involved to collaborate on how the money will be spent.

They need the increase because they want to implement new initiatives like an emergency short-term placement for endangered adults, a 24/7 hotline, technology upgrades and more staff and training. 

Indiana is the only state in the nation with its criminal justice system in charge of adult protective services. There are about 40 investigators in 18 offices, to look into abuse cases reported in all 92 counties.

The IPC says the council has to stretch its manpower to be able to investigate every case of abuse or neglect that comes their way.

“We know that the workload is going to grow,” said David Powell, the Executive Director of Indiana’s Prosecuting Attorneys Council. “We have felt like there is more work than we have the capability to respond to at times,” Powell said.

No word yet on when lawmakers will review the request.

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