Indiana animal shelter helping reunite tornado victims with lost pets

JEFFERSONVILLE. Ind. -- They were separated by last week's storms, and tonight an animal shelter is working to get the four-legged tornado survivors back to their families.

The J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter in Jeffersonville is home to about 15 animals lost in the storms.

Volunteers have stepped up to help care for the pets.

The shelter is determined to get the animals back to their owners, if possible.

Sarah Green, an employee of the shelter said, "We're trying to keep from having them go here and there and everywhere, because it's going to be hard, in the end, to reunite the owners with their pets."

People who work at the shelter are even using social media to connect the pets with their families.

They are posting pictures and checking descriptions of missing animals to help match pets and owners.

Do you have a missing pet? Have you found someone else's missing pet? Please make use of our Missing Pets page.

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