Indiana attorney breaks down state gun law legislation

NOW: Indiana attorney breaks down state gun law legislation


“I’m sure after a horrific crime like this in Florida that there are going to be that many more schools looking at their security measure,” said Guy Relford.

The school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 people dead and more than a dozen injured has Indiana attorney Guy Relford looking into Indiana’s gun laws.

“Where you have all these indications from this kid in Florida where he’d been expelled, he’s posting violent images on social media.. what did people see? When did they see it? What could they have done,” said Relford.

Relford says speaking up beforehand is key to preventing tragedies like this  especially if you’re speaking up in the Hoosier state, which has the Laird law.

“We passed a law that says ‘where someone is dangerous and a police officer has probable cause or a judge has determined that there’s probable cause that they’re dangerous and in possession of firearms, they’re guns can be seized from them,” said Relford.

He’s also working to alter the state law that generally prohibits guns on school property by creating a few exceptions.

“One, schools to have armed security there in their schools in the form of school resource officers,” said Relford.

And to allow schools to give permission to whoever they choose to carry a gun on school property for protection of students.

“So if that means they want to add to their security, if they want to have some staff members that are armed and trained, they can be authorized to carry a gun on school property. I think Indiana is right down the middle of the fairway in terms of gun laws. I mean there are things that we’re still trying to do in the legislature that enhances the peoples’ ability to defend themselves and their families and recognize our constitutionally protected rights, but still try to keep guns out of hands of bad guys,” said Relford.

ABC 57’s Andrea Alvarez also reached out to state lawmakers but some declined to comment and others have not yet responded.

The state superintendent of schools released a statement that read:

“The Department of Education is heartbroken over yet another mass shooting which took place in a school. Each day, Indiana schools set safety as a top priority. We train; we partner. We fully understand the importance surrounding this enormous responsibility. As a Department, we remain committed to providing the resources and guidance our schools need to keep safety a top priority.”

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