Indiana Attorney General under fire for inappropriate behavior

NOW: Indiana Attorney General under fire for inappropriate behavior

ELKHART, Ind, -- Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is now facing some serious allegations.  New claims coming to light of four women accusing the former Elkhart County Prosecutor of inappropriately touching them.

The allegations stem from a party held back in March, and were given to the Indianapolis Star. 

The allegations listed details recounted by a female lawmaker, and three legislative staffers.

A document, obtained by the Indy Star says, at a party on March 15, Hill touched them inappropriately. 

In interviews with the women, one claims that Hill was drunk and put his hands on her back, moving them under her clothes and grabbing her.

She said, she told him to stop and that he didn't listen, and grabbed her again. 

These women are unidentified for privacy reasons. 

Hill is coming out strongly against these allegations, saying they're "deeply troubling."

In a statement he says, "At no time was my behavior inappropriate nor did I touch anyone in an inappropriate manner." 

He also says, no investigator ever contacted him regarding the investigation. 

But in that memo, on June 18, the investigation seemingly completed. 

That document saying the alleged conduct was indeed inappropriate, but "likely not severe or pervasive enough to result in a hostile work environment." 

The investigation however, did deem the alleged actions as "severe."

ABC57 News reached out to Vicki Becker, the current Elkhart County Prosecutor, the Elkhart Police Department, the Elkhart City Mayor, the Goshen City mayor, and several other organizations.

Many either didn't get back to me or declined to comment.

However, Kevin Deary, the President/CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Elkhart County, commented on what he knew about Hill.

"Curtis Hill helped launch the Boys and Girls Club of Elkhart County. He's been a long strong supporter. That's the Curtis Hill I know," he told ABC57.

He didn't want to comment on the specific recent allegations. 

But others, namely Democrats, are being very vocal about it. 

State Representative Ryan Dvorak says the groping claims made against Hill are credible and need to be taken seriously. He adds that no lawmaker would make these allegations unless it was true.

He also called for Hill to resign.

Hill says he's not stepping down.

On Tuesday, The Indiana Republican Party Chair says the GOP has a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment, but did not call for his resignation.

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