Indiana BMV expected to process record number of transactions

NOW: Indiana BMV expected to process record number of transactions

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – As the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is dealing with high volumes of transactions since the statewide reopening on Monday, long lines of people are requesting service at one Michiana location. 

The Indiana BMV reported on Monday that by 10 a.m. around 5,400 transactions were already processed, just two hours into the statewide reopening.

On Wednesday, the BMV in Mishawaka had cases of water outside of the branch for people waiting in line, and there were employees whose job it was to go up to everyone waiting and check if they had proper documentation on them.

Some places in Indiana were reporting wait times up to an hour long, and the BMV anticipates that they will process a record number of transactions in the coming days.

Peter Lacy, the Commissioner of the Indiana BMV, says that closures of statewide facilities had created a high demand for services, hence the long lines.

“We feel like we’re in a surge right now,” Lacy said, “and that there are lines that may cause people to be outside the branch from now until possibly all the way up to Fourth of July.”

Lacy also discussed what people can expect when requesting service from their local BMV.

“We generally are processing people in under 10 minutes,” Lacy said, “and so we generally have a rush of people right first thing in the morning so there’s going to be longer lines at 8:30 to 10 in the morning.”

The Indiana BMV is strongly encouraging everyone to exercise caution and adhere to social distancing guidelines when entering and waiting in line at their local branch.

They also suggest that you bring sunglasses or an umbrella in order to shade yourself from the sun.

Officials also say that physical driving exams will likely resume in mid-July.

For more information on BMV Kiosk Locations near you, visit the website for the Indiana BMV.

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