Indiana can make or break Trump

“We’re in a really unfair system folks,” said presidential candidate Donald Trump while campaigning Monday in New York. He insists the two-party political system is “100% rigged.”

“It’s a crooked deal, I see it with Bernie too,” said Trump.

Now, the Hoosier state seems to be a make-or-break situation for the frontrunner.

In fact, a recent article in the New York Times says he will almost certainly have to win Indiana in order to get the nomination.

“We’re excited to see this type of thing actually occur. We’re excited to have Indiana be a component in this now,” says Roy Saenz, St. Joseph County chairman for the Republican Party.

Local GOP leaders realize their role in the race is more important than ever now and in light of that responsibility they’re staying neutral.

“We want the citizens to be able to have their input. We’ve encouraged all three presidential candidates to come and share their vision for what they see America looking like here, under their tenure,” remarks Saenz.

He says that’s why they don’t participate in polarizing agendas.

Every Hoosier should have their voice and vote as far as he’s concerned.

Part of making sure that happens is hearing from the candidates so Saenz wants to hear from each of them before the primary election on May 3.

At this point, the local GOP doesn’t know when, even if, the candidates will accept their invitation and come to St. Joseph County.

However, today they learned the Trump campaign is setting up two offices now in Carmel and Evansville.

Saenz’s parting thought? Get out and vote in the primary regardless of who you support.

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