Indiana Dunes reopens to the public

LAPORTE, Ind. -- Now that the federal government is up and running again national are back open. It's great news for people who have wanted to visit the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

After being furloughed for 16 days, Indiana's national park employees are happy to be back to work. Visitors are happy the parks are open again.

The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore reopened Thursday.

"Certainly it was frustrating personally as well as professionally to not be working and not be doing the job we love, and not have the park open that we care so much about," said Park Ranger Bruce Rowe.

It would have been more frustrating had it not been for the park volunteers who held down the fort.

"Technically I was no longer able to volunteer for the National Park Service so I asked if I could volunteer as a citizen or with Porter County tourism," said volunteer Rafi Wilkinson.

Volunteers filled with passion for the National Lakeshore wanted to make sure its tourists could still see as much as possible

Everything at Indiana Dunes is open again except for the campground. That was due to close this weekend for the end of season.

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