Indiana hog farmers concerned about how China's imposed tariffs will impact their production

By Derrik Thomas, Katie Cox


 INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WRTV)/CNN) -- China slapped tariffs on 128 American made products over the weekend and industries – like hog farms - are still trying to gauge what impact those measures will have on the Hoosier state.

The pork industry helps support about 500,000 rural jobs in the state of Indiana and 110 thousand of those jobs are tied to exports.

“China is one of our biggest customers,” said Hog Farmer Keith Schoettmer. “Anytime we feel there is gonna be a trade disruption, or know there is gonna be a trade disruption, of course, we have concerns."

According to the Indiana Pork Producers Association, exports add $53.47 to the price producers receive for each hog marketed.

The average price of a hog in 2017 was $149.

"If we had a chance to talk to President Trump or any other official on trade we reiterate the importance of exports. I feel they understand that. There's a whole lot more than we understand, but certainly, they understand how vitally important it is, not just for pork producers, but for all of agriculture,” said Schoettmer.

Last year, the United States exported $1.1 billion worth of pork to China.

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