Indiana House elects new minority leader

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana House Democrats have a new leader.

The Democratic Caucus elected Scott Pelath to lead the Democrats in the State House next year.

Pelath is an eight term representative from Michigan City.

The caucus is looking to rebuild after losing nine seats in the election.

The loss means that the Democrats can longer block action in the chamber by walking out.

“We’re going to learn how to work better. We’re going to learn how to provide a true alternative version on how this state should be led,” Pelath said. “We are going to critique the majority party, when we think they’re wrong, but when we think they’re right, we’re going to be prepared to help.”

There had been speculation that ousted minority leader Pat Bauer would try to reclaim his job.

But the South Bend Democrat told the ABC affiliate in Indianapolis that being in charge of such a small minority was not worth it. He also believed Democrats would not have lost so many seats if he was still in charge. 

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