Indiana liquor stores profit from Sunday sales, Michigan does not

NOW: Indiana liquor stores profit from Sunday sales, Michigan does not


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A big day in Michiana.  People flocked to liquor stores all across the state, all happy to finally get their hands on their alcohol, easily, on a Sunday.

On Wednesday, Governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill, allowing such purchases take place, changing Hoosier history. 

One Mishawaka store tells ABC57 News, they had more than 300 customers in an eight-hour window. 

Several Michigan stores say, they had very few, if any, customers. 

But Hoosiers were quite happy. 

"There's literally like 20 people running around in a frenzy," describes Ken Laurita, who was out shopping.

It was a frenzy for some fermented beverages, as Hoosiers got their hands on handles, bottles and cans on a Sunday. 

"There's a lot of people in the alcohol section, and it was weird," says Laurita. "So I stopped and asked someone, and was like 'isn't today Sunday...what's going on?"

While this may have come as a surprise to some people, like Laurita, there was no shortage of people ready to take advantage of the alcohol based affair. 

"My wife called me and said, 'hey can you pick me up some white wine?'," he laughs. "So yeah, I'm picking up some white wine."

Gone are the days of driving to a different state, just to get your fermentation fix.

"We'd have to drive all the way to Michigan," says Dale Williams, also out shopping. 

And gone are the days of waiting in long lines, and paying a heftier price, to purchase popular liquors, beers, and wines. 

"I live in Michigan, but those prices are insand on Sunday, so now you can come here to Indiana and get the same item for cheaper," adds Laurita. 

Bringing cheaper cheers, to some much wanted change.

"I think it was a good idea to chance the law," says Willams simply. "It's a big deal for those who drink."

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