Indiana Supreme Court votes to reinstate Richard Allen attorneys, keep special judge on case

NOW: Indiana Supreme Court votes to reinstate Richard Allen attorneys, keep special judge on case

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana Supreme Court voted Thursday to reinstate Delphi double murder suspect Richard Allen’s defense team while also denying the removal of special judge Frances Gull.

Allen is accused of killing 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams in Delphi back in February 2017.

In October 2023, Allen’s defense team withdrew their representation just before one of Allen’s hearings. Prior to that hearing, the hosts of the podcast “The Murder Sheet” revealed a source sent them crime scene photos reportedly leaked from a source close to the defense.

After Allen's defense withdrew their representation, however, they wanted back in, offering to go pro bono. They also requested the removal of Judge Gull, arguing she violated Allen's 6th Amendment rights, going against his wishes, using "coercive action" and forcing out his defense team.

“There should not have been a removal of these attorneys,” said Bernice Corley of the Indiana Public Defender Council. “The client had a relationship, and for the sake of independence, it's important that judges cannot just fire attorneys for unfounded reasons.”

Gull's lawyers argued she was well within her rights and expertise, and that she was protecting Allen by ensuring he had effective counsel.

Her lawyers say it was still their choice to remove themselves.

The Indiana Supreme Court decided late Thursday afternoon that Allen’s original defense team can represent him once again. It’s unclear at this time if the original defense will be reinstated as court-appointed or volunteer pro bono for Allen.

In addition to keeping Judge Gull, the court also voted against moving up the trail date. Right now, it’s scheduled for October.

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