Indiana Toll Road takes out the plows

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. – Indiana Toll Road Crews were up and about early to prepare for the first big snow storm of the season. Workers initiated their snow plan which transitioned them from their normal three shifts to two 12-hour shifts. While they waited for the snow to come they spent the day checking their trucks filling them each with five to seven tons of salt.

Due to the rain falling ahead of time crews couldn’t pre-treat the road.
“It’d be a waste of money and material. It just gets washed off before the snow actually comes so the only thing we can do is go out and as the change over starts to happen start spreading and build up a little bit of a salt in the pavement, so it'll help you as it progresses,” said Indiana Toll Road Maintenance Manager Pat Condon
Condon said as the snow falls and roads start to get slick, the crew will do their best to clear the streets, but drivers need to do their part.
"Even though those big white signs along the side of the road say 70 mph you should never be dong 70 mph in a snow storm 55-60 is plenty,” said Condon.
Condon said crews will stay out over night until all the roads are clear.

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