Indiana Toll Road under new management, says improvements will be made

The Indiana Toll Road is now being managed by IFM Investors. The company plans to invest $260 million on improvements to the Toll Road and plazas.

IFM Investors acquired the company previously leasing the Toll Road, the Indiana Toll Road Concession Company.

IFM Investors will invest $260 million in bridge and pavement rehabilitation, improvements to the travel plaza and address environmental-management issues on the road, according to Ken Daley, the new CEO of acquired ITR Concession Company.

They believe construction on the road will help bring jobs to the area as well.

This is IFM's fourth toll road acquisition.

According to the company, their deal to take over the Indiana Toll Road is worth nearly $6 billion.

The company says they hope to have improvements completed over the next five years.

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