Indiana University to pilot program on dual credit education

Indiana law requires each Indiana high school to offer a minimum of two dual credit courses.

But this week, Indiana University released an unsettling number that shows three out of four high school teachers across Indiana don’t meet the requirements to teach dual credit courses.

To help Indiana high school instructors teach higher quality education, Indiana University is launching a new pilot program beginning in the 2016-2017 academic year.

The program would give IU faculty members more responsibility while ensuring high school teachers across the state are prepared for the long-term.

New standards would require instructors to complete 18 graduate credit hours and would give teachers the opportunity to give in-person instruction.

Staff from IU would help to provide the necessary tools for higher education which includes creating core course materials and delivering them to students using videos or podcasts.

Indiana’s dual credit advisory council will meet on Wednesday to discuss strategies on this very issue.

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