Indiana woman living in Orlando reflects on Hurricane Irma

NOW: Indiana woman living in Orlando reflects on Hurricane Irma

A woman from Kendallville, Indiana rode out the Hurricane Irma as the eye of the storm passed right over Orlando Monday morning.

Nicole Freiburger just moved to Florida in March.

Her mom is actually an usher at the University of Notre Dame and Freiburger says she's been a die-hard Irish fan for as long as she can remember.

She notes that preparing for Irma and dealing with the aftermath of the storm has been a little scary, especially because the track of the storm was so unpredictable

She got through it with the support of friends, neighbors, and solid communication from state officials.

“Growing up in Indiana, I’m used to storms but as far as something this big goes, no. I wasn't prepared to be in a hurricane this soon. I was actually pretty excited until it hit last night then I was a little worried it was a monstrous storm for sure nothing like I’ve ever been through. Everybody was looking out for each other which is a good feeling,” said Freiburger.

She adds that dealing with the widespread power outages was a pain when it came to giving her family updates and letting them know she was safe.

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