Indy 500 fans turning to "Glamping" for the full experience

It’s one of the hottest trends with a sold-out section at the speedway.

The section stands away from the cars and crowds with a waiting list that extends into the next year.

It’s called “Glamping”.

“The second I found out about it, I called in, put our name on the waiting list, and we got a call in like early January, said they were adding tents, and we got in,” Michael Skulski, first-time Glamper.

Michael Skulski, his son Zeke, and some close family friends have a spot in the Indy 500’s Glamptown.

“It is literally Glamping – glamorous camping, where they pitch it and you just stay in it,” John Schwarb, IMS Senior Communications Manager.

One hundred glammed-up tents sitting in the heart of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“How many people can say that they’ve spent the night inside the oval? And even the night before the race, the night of the race. It’s an experience you’re not gonna get anywhere else,” John Schwarb, IMS Senior Communications Manager.

Glamptown popped up two years ago selling out immediately to passionate Indycar fans looking for the ultimate 500 weekend.

“You cannot get an experience like this, I mean, like, we will remember this for the rest of our lives,” Michael Skulski, first-time Glamper.  

$1,000 gets you a Glamptown tent for the Thursday through Monday of Indy 500 weekend.

“The beds are set up, there’s tables for you to put your stuff on; very comfortable beds, pillows are, like, great,” Michael Skulski, first-time Glamper.

Each tent sleeps up to four people and luxuries like showers and a fire pit are also included.

Skulski says the community atmosphere only adds to the experience.

“When you get here, you have 100 different neighbors from all over the country that you wouldn’t get an opportunity to really meet or talk with,” Michael Skulski, first-time Glamper.

In the middle of all the action, Glamping is a hit.

“Our ticket office says we could sell this two times over if we had the room,” John Schwarb, IMS Senior Communications Manager.

It’s a new tradition at the Indy 500 adding to the foundation here at the speedway.

“I would say do it. If you can get in, put your name on the waiting list right now because everybody’s gonna wanna do this going forward,” Michael Skulski, first-time Glamper.

Food and drink is all you have to bring if you get a spot in Glamptown. Everything else is provided by the speedway. 

After speaking with dozens of fans, everyone not in Glamptown wishes they had a spot in it. It’s prime real estate at the 500.

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