Indy 500 meets NFL for "Super Cars" display

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- The New England Patriots and the New York Giants will take the field in Indy next weekend for Super Bowl XLVI, but there's a little piece of all 32 NFL teams in town right now.

Indy "Super Cars" have been decorated for each of the NFL teams, as well as one for the big game. The cars are currently on display in downtown Indy.

"I'm love being this close to the Super Bowl,” said Edward Dunham. “I'm just happy about it all together."

"I’m keeping an eye on the cars,” said Don Kay. “People have a tendency to want to climb in them if they can, so we are just down here keeping an eye on them."

This week the cars will be displayed at various sites around Central Indiana. The cars decorated for the NFC Champion New York Giants and AFC Champion New England Patriots will stay in Super Bowl Village.


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