International Soccer Academy of America receives state accreditation

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- The International Soccer Academy of America in Mishawaka has been awarded official accreditation from the Indiana Board of Education after nearly 17 months of waiting.

Accreditation will help the school receive more funds from the state for scholarships and special education funding.

The academy is the first in-person high school in the United States targeted specifically for soccer players.

Founder and Executive Director of the academy, Ethan Hunt, feels confident that enrollment will grow now that the accreditation has gone through.

“We have 40 enrolled for the fall so far and we’re expecting about 60, so about a 50% increase from what we have now. Obviously, the accreditation is the biggest deal in that because there are some families have said ‘well we will just wait until you get approved’ and now that we’re approved maybe they feel that confidence to say okay the state has stamped off on it,” said Hunt.

Tuition price is based on family income but currently sits at $24,900 per person.

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