iPhone X's cold weather glitch

NOW: iPhone X’s cold weather glitch

For anyone who has splurged on the iPhone X, or is putting the new phone on their Christmas list, there is something you need to know as the temperatures become colder. It has been reported in many instances that while using the iPhone in cold weather, the screen may become unresponsive.

Apple is aware of the problem and hopes to solve it in a new software update. So where does this problem stem? Apple reports that it is a combination of freezing temperatures and the battery.

The iPhone X is made with the same kind of lithium-ion battery that previous models use. Lithium-ion batteries and most other batteries do not do well in temperatures below freezing. In temperatures below zero, battery life can be reduced by fifty percent.

Apple states on their website that their phones have an environmental operating temperature of 32 to 95 degrees. If you use the phone in temperatures near, above, or below that range, there is a chance it will shut of intermittently.

Tips to keep your iPhone safe in colder weather include keeping the phone in a pocket or bag, and never charging the phone with a portable charger while in the sub-freezing temperatures.

We will see if apple is capable of fixing this problem in the next software update, but in the mean time you should not have problems, because temperatures will be on the mild side across Michiana this week.

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