Irene: Singing to pass the time as Irene jogged up the coast

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- While many of us were glued to the Weather Channel or a news network watching the Hurricane Irene coverage in real time this weekend, Niles native, Kiri Jewell and her best friend Stefanie Bassett hit up Youtube.

Jewell, a graduate of Brandywine High School moved to NYC to pursue a career in public relations eight years ago.

Jewell and Bassett took weather-related song requests all weekend on their Youtube page,

The song requests included covers like, Garth Brooks' "
Thunder Rolls," Garbage's "Only Happy when it Rains," and Dexys Midnight Runners' "Come on Eileen."

Bassett was forced to evacuate during the storm and stayed with Jewell where they recorded the acoustic songs to pass the time.

They admitted that they thought the storm would be really bad, and although there was damage, they were really not affected.  "We're seeing trees down and some street lights down. There have been some power outages but nothing in our immediate vicinity," Jewell said.

Jewell and Bassett who are both members in the band AwShockKiss also have a website to share their music, you can check it out by clicking here.

If you have travel plans that take you to NYC, they'll be performing September 18 at LIC Bar. Performance information can be found here.

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