Irish Lacrosse seeks extra gear for postseason play


"It's a new season, everyone is 0-0 and the season doesn't matter and I mean set everything back and let’s go!" said Mikey Wynne, junior attacker for the Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse Team.

When the game is on the line, the Irish say that's when they thrive.

Wynne added, “I think that brings the best out of us, I mean everybody here is really competitive and you see it from practicing out on the field to playing pool in the locker room, everyone hates losing and I think that's going to make us better."

Competitive fire along with the experience of playing in the NCAA tournament has coaches and players unphased by the big stage.

Kevin Corrigan, the head coach for the Irish, said, "The games, in a strange way, are not pressure-packed because you've achieved this game, you weren't given or scheduled this game, you achieved this game. That gives the team some confidence and allows them to go out and play."

And play they shall. Admitting everyone knows to find an extra gear come this time of year.

"You have to, I mean its playoffs; nothing's guaranteed, If you lose, you go home and you'll never be a part of this team again. Yeah, guys will be here for four years but this team will only be here for one year, it's our last chance to compete for these guys and we want to do the best we can.” said Wynne.

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