Irish say 'It's Pitt and that's it'

NOTRE DAME – The Fighting Irish are just a few practices away from hitting the road to Pittsburgh. On Wednesday players said this Saturday is all they’re thinking about.

"We just have a one track mind. There is no last week, or anything that's happened before. Right now it’s Pitt and that’s it. Nothing matters that happened before this. The only thing is playing Pitt on Saturday,” said Safety Harrison Smith.


Wide Receiver Michael Floyd looked back on the win against Michigan State, but just briefly. "We love the win that we won, but we're not looking at it like we won the Super Bowl or anything like that and we just got to move forward,” said Floyd.


With just a few days left before Saturday’s game the players are doing just that and are focusing on what needs to be fixed before they face Pitt, and one thing on that list, less turnovers.


"We know that we've got to cut that down, and turnovers lose games,” said Floyd. “Unfortunately that’s what kind of showed in the first two games, that losing the ball can turn into losing games.”


The team is familiar with what this Pitt team can do. The Panthers have a new Head Coach Todd Graham, but the Irish faced Graham’s previous team, Tulsa, last year.


“We defiantly know what they're capable of doing. Then you just got to prepare ourselves in practice and when it comes to the game just execute and do our job,” said Inside Linebacker Manti Te’o.


We’ll see this Saturday if all this focused preparation pays off for the Irish at Pittsburgh. You can catch the game on ABC at noon.

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