ISAA students in Mishawaka to try-out for pro soccer league in Spain

NOW: ISAA students in Mishawaka to try-out for pro soccer league in Spain


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Students at the International Soccer Academy of America in Mishawaka are heading to Spain to try out for one of the top professional soccer leagues in the world.

“We’re partnered with Villareal and so basically, our students get video training from them online, virtual throughout out the year. But, once a year, and maybe even twice a year, we’ll be taking a trip to Spain where the kids will be able to try out for the team. They aren’t 18, so they won’t be able to sign yet, but it will get their foot in the door,” Ethan Hunt, the Founder and Executive Director of ISAA said.

The International Soccer Academy of America partnered with Villarreal, a professional soccer team in Spain’s La Liga. And now, three students at the academy will travel to Spain to try out and train with the league.

“I’m just going to play my game and hope for the best and see what I can accomplish over there,” Sophomore Marco Cruz said.

Hunt said students have been training for six days a week for four months. The three students going on the 10-day trip were chosen based on school attendance, their grades, student vote, and their soccer performance.

“It’s like something different, I want to try new experiences and I feel like it would change my life,” Junior Eric Lopez-Ramirez said.

Hunt said this opportunity can give the student-athletes international exposure that will help them reach their future goals of making it pro.

“So, this gets them in the door. So, it gives them the opportunity to be seen at a young age, which hopefully will be in Villareal, to stay connected with our students here and say, hey remember that student that you brought, we’re still interested in them,” Hunt said.

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