ISP cracking down on dangerous drivers

INDIANA -- New data shows that urban crashes are down, but that rural accidents are not up.

Troopers have seen a change in driving habits that have lead to the increase in deaths. Everything from speeding to following closely and cutting people without signaling have led to the increase.

"As they are driving they're on the now, now, now situation. So anything that interferes with them getting there on time will transition over to their driving skills,"  Trooper Jesse Schmidt said.

That's something that the Indiana State Police hopes to crack down on. Troopers say that the more tickets issued, there are less accidents.

The ISP has launched an "aggressive" enforcement program using unmarked Stealths and Mustangs.

"Subconciously, as they are coming up, makes them wonder if it is a police vehicle. That alone can help deter somebody's driving," Scmidt said.

Another effor the ISP is focusing on is educating younger drivers on the rules of the road.

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