ISP seeking Little York resident after finding body on his property

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ind. -- Indiana State Police are searching for a man who lives at a Little York residence where a body was found on Monday.

Police said Michael Joseph Sanders, 34, is a person of interest because he lives on the property and hasn't been seen since the day the body was found.

The body was found at 7707 E. New Cut Road in Little York while police were searching for 35-year-old Skyler Naugle.

Naugle was last seen on July 21.

Doctors were unable to identify the body at the autopsy. DNA and dental records will be used to make a positive identification.

The person's cause of death was gunshot wound to the head. Toxicology tests are pending.

Anyone with information in this case should contact the Indiana State Police at 1-800-872-6743 or the Washington County Sheriff’s Department at 812-883-5999.

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