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It feels like an oven in this car!

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Heat Advisories, Excessive Heat Warnings, Air Quality Alerts and Red Flag Warnings...oh my!

It is cooking outside today.  High temperatures will skyrocket above 100° this afternoon, and could even break the record for this date!  The current record for June 28 is 103° set in 1934.

One place you do not want to be for an extended period of time without air conditioning is inside a car.

So many people describe the inside of their cars feeling like an oven, so we are putting that to the test too!

The normal directions on the refrigerated cookie package tell you to bake in a 350° oven for 9-13 minutes.  Instead, I placed a batch of cookies in the back window of one of our news cars at 11:45 a.m.

The car had already been sitting in the sun all morning, and heat was radiating as soon as I opened the door!

After an hour, it was already obvious they were baking, they were getting flatter and a little darker.

At an hour and a half they were beginning to look darker!

We started checking them every 15 minutes and watched as they continued to get flatter and darker!

The thermometer we placed inside the car was off the chart!  It goes up to 130° and the temperature inside the car was even hotter!

A couple of us who are brave did taste them, and they were good!  A little gooey on the bottom, but the tops were cooked through!  Of course, after I ate it, that is when someone reminded me that they had been sitting in the sun for the past few hours!

Anyhow, the final cook time was about three hours, and they did bake!

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