What items your emergency kit should include this winter

NOW: What items your emergency kit should include this winter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- While I&M is hopeful residents will not have to experience extended power outages again, this winter season, they do have some advice to keep you safe. According to Indiana Michigan Power, to be prepared for an outage, you can assemble an emergency kit. Recommended items for the kit include items such as flashlights, fresh batteries, drinking or cooking water, and camping equipment such as sleeping bags, camping stoves and lanterns. They also recommend having a supply of canned goods.  

Additionally, I&M asks people to remember to avoid downed wires. If using a generator, I&M asks to do so properly and safely, and do not operate lanterns or heaters without proper ventilation. Finally, do not burn charcoal indoors as it will release carbon monoxide.

But what about when on the road? ABC57 News spoke with Indiana State Police, Sgt. Ted Bohner, about how to stay safe on the road and what items should always be in your car.

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