It's National Diabetes Month: what to know about the disease

NOW: It’s National Diabetes Month: what to know about the disease

BERRIEN COUNTY, Ind. -- The Berrien County Health Department wants to remind the community to assess their health during National Diabetes Month.

Diabetes affects 1.15 million Michigan adults and an undetermined number of children.

Type 2 is the most common type, developed over time due to lifestyle, while type 1 comes from genetics.

Eating well, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are good preventative measures to practice, since all those things tie into a healthy weight.

Maintaining a healthy weight lowers your risk of diabetes.

The concern from health leaders comes from the fact that the U.S. has struggled with a general weight problem for years.

The CDC says close to 75% of adults were overweight or obese from 2017 to March 2020, making the risk of diabetes more prevalent.

If you’re at risk for diabetes, the most common symptoms you may notice have to do with weight and diet.

Unusual changes to your weight, excessive thirst or hunger and frequenting the bathroom more often could be signs to talk to your doctor.

Extreme tiredness and blurry vision are also related to diabetes.

Since the disease involves high levels of blood pressure, you can help yourself out by monitoring your own blood pressure levels.

By taking your own readings regularly and documenting them, you'll be more prepared to manage your health in the long run.

For more information and resources, visit the Berrien County Health Department’s website.

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