IUSB holds forum for St. Joseph County candidates

Before St. Joseph County voters hit the polls, local candidates for office hit the stage Wednesday.

The hopefuls answered questions from the public in a forum sponsored by the American Democracy Project, the Political Science Club of IU South Bend and the League of Women Voters of the South Bend Area.

This event was about more than just getting to know the candidates

This was the first time quite a few folks were explained the functions of these offices.

“I thought the answers were very good, good representation and good community representation,” said voter Pam Claeys.

With many buzzing about the presidential election, this campus hoped to start some noise about local races that have greater impacts on residents.

“Our government extends from the white house right on down to the County City Building right here in St. Joe County,” said voter Tony Flora. “That’s where laws are made that affect our daily lives.”

Candidates for county council, commission, coroner’s office and more addressed the public, also pushing the importance of smaller races in this election.

“You can certainly show up on Election Day and vote straight ticket or skip just half the ballot but you won’t feel as good about your vote as you would if you really listened to the candidates and make informed decisions and feel confident as you cast your vote on Election Day,” said moderator Elizabeth Bennion.

So come November, your votes could help bring local voices to the forefront.

“It’s very important for people to hear what our most local officials are looking at and the kinds of things they have to discuss,” said Flora.

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