IUSB's "Operation Smile" aims to help veterans in need

A group of students that are helping veterans “smile.” The dental clinic at IUSB’s mission is to step in and make sure that those who sacrificed so much are getting the health care that they need.

The clinic, dentists in the county and volunteers want to thank veterans for their service. So they’re hosting “Operation Smile”.

The event will give veterans free dental exams, x-rays and cleanings. The x-rays will be able to detect cavities, if there is a need for a filling, and so much more

Veterans attending need to bring discharge papers or military ID. The clinic saw there was a need, so they didn’t hesitate to help.

“A lot of people in our community don’t have access to dental care and the veteran population is just one of those groups that doesn’t have a significant amount of access to dental care, which is why we as a dental hygiene clinic need to step up and do that,” said Kristyn Quimby, the Assistant Dean of Dwyer College of Health Sciences.

Not only will it help the veterans, but interacting with the community helps students in their careers.

“It’s just an integral part of our profession and its extremely important to instill those values in our students,” said Mallory Edmonson, the Assistant Director of Dental Education.

“When they’re out in the community, they’re helping educate. We are prevention specialists so being out there so teaching them good habits early,” Edmonson said.

Although the event is Saturday, the help doesn’t stop there.

“The beauty of this event as well is that we have partnered with our amazing dental community and so many dentists have volunteered to provide the aftercare,” Quimby said.

Each veteran will be paired with an area dentist, who will provide long-term care. They will be hosting the event from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. 

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