Ivy Tech’s new program clears debt for some students

NOW: Ivy Tech’s new program clears debt for some students


SOUTH BEND, Ind.—A new program at Ivy Tech is clearing up debt for some students so that they can re-enroll in classes.

“Anything we can do to facilitate getting students back into school, back having the opportunity to complete their credentials is what we’re looking to do,” said Dr. David Balkin, Chancellor at Ivy Tech South Bend-Elkhart.

The program, named Fresh Start 2020, will clear up debt, up to $1,500, for some students who are no longer enrolled but have a 1.8 GPA or higher.

Students who attended the college between summer of 2008 and summer of 2017 are eligible for the program.

“It’s been exercised in other places across the country. With the financial windfall we’ve recently had through investments, I think Dr. Sue Ellspermann saw a perfect opportunity, especially recognizing the state of our current educational system and the opportunities that our residents have to improve their workforce readiness,” Balkin said.

By eliminating the debt, Ivy Tech hopes to take holds off of the students’ accounts so they can re-enroll in classes.

Students who owe less than $50 will automatically have their debt forgiven if found to be eligible for the program.

For more information on Fresh Start 2020, visit Ivy Tech’s website.

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