Jackson Intermediate lockdown lifted

NOW: Jackson Intermediate lockdown lifted

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- An altercation with an adult inside Jackson Intermediate Center in South Bend prompted a brief lockdown and police response on Tuesday.

Police said several students – whose names and ages are not known – got into a fight in the hallway Tuesday afternoon.

The fight prompted administrators to call some parents in.

Around 1:15 in the afternoon, at least one adult was involved in some type of ‘altercation,’ according to police, after the person was let into the building.

That’s when administrators placed the school on lockdown.

“We were told that the school was on lockdown – what they called a ‘Code Red,’” said Ken Garcia, with South Bend Police. “And so our officers responded very, very quickly. In fact, we do what’s known as a ‘Signal 10,’ which means a rush to get here. When our officers arrived they realized there was no danger; there was no threat that actually took place. So they were able to slow the other officers down. And again, that lockdown had been lifted.”

Garcia said the lockdown lasted for maybe five minutes.

Several police cars were parked outside Jackson Intermediate for a short time while police investigated.

A spokeswoman for the South Bend school said the district places its buildings on lockdown for a variety of reasons, including things like student health problems, fights, and more. She said the goal is to keep the hallways clear until an incident is resolved.


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