Jaheim Campbell found not guilty in death of Chrisyah Stephens

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- A verdict of not guilty handed down to Jaheim Campbell, on one count of murder and another count of attempted murder. Campbell was suspected of killing Chrisyah Stephens in a drive by shooting last August.

Chrisyah's family -- upset by the decision, coming to blows -- a night ending in tears.

The prosecution argued that Campbell had allegedly targeted someone else who was believed to be at a house near Donald Street and High Street, and Chrisyah was caught in the crossfire.

But the defense argued that Campbell wasn't the one responsible, suggesting the real killer -- a man going under the moniker 'Taliban Tukka' -- had already been arrested for a different crime, and was found in possessing the weapon used in the shooting. 

Evidently, that argument resonated with the jury, who voted to acquit Campbell on both charges he faced.

Stephens's family, left the courtroom without getting the justice they hoped for. Both they and the prosecutor declined to speak on camera.

Campbell's defense attorney Jeff Kimmel released this statement:

"My client has always maintained innocence and sends his love and sympathies to the family."

Jahiem Campbell's family also declined a request to speak, out of respect to Chrisyah Stephens's surviving family members.

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