January Thaw

It usually happens once or twice a season.  An unusually hot or cold couple of days to remind us of what we have to look forward to in the coming months.

Sometimes that it is a scorching couple of May days or a frigid stretch just before Halloween.  This year, we are seeing a brief January thaw.

Yes, it really will be thawing out.  Say goodbye to all of the snow as it will be washed away.  Notice I said washed and not melted.  Well, technically it will be melting, but mostly thanks to rain showers as opposed to the warm temperatures.

And, it will be mild this weekend.  Highs on Saturday are expected to climb into the 50s.  But, don't get used to it!

By Sunday, temperatures will be back in the low 30s.  

So, winter is far from over, but enjoy a taste of spring for the middle of January!

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