Jefferson Township proposes road millage

NOW: Jefferson Township proposes road millage

JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP, Mich – Jefferson Township roads could be fixed could see new funding to be fixed if a road millage passes on May’s ballot.

ABC57 spoke with people in the community that were split on if they will support the millage. 

“A lot of people have trouble paying it already so if we raise it then it’s just going to be putting more people out of their homes,” Cass County resident Ashley Vande Zande said.

Another Cass County resident Mollie Grabemeyer on the other hand supports the millage.

“I think it’s actually probably a pretty good thing, I know in the current economic setting and everything money is a little tight for a lot of people but when you think about having to do repairs in your vehicle and stuff a dollar here and there is better than $60 for a brand new tire or $100 for a brand new tire,” Grabemeyer said.

The township is asking residents to vote yes or no on the two year millage on the May 7th ballot.

The millage is one mill which is $1 for each $1,000 a homeowner pays property taxes on.

The township estimates they’ll generate $122,189.11 in the first year.

Grabemeyer says a personal experience factors into why she wants the townships roads to be improved.

“Last year I was on my way home from work and I actually hit a pothole with my car and completely blew the tire and it wasn’t fixable at all I had to park on a side street and wait for a tow to come put a spare tire on my car,” Grabemeyer said.

If the ballot proposal passes the millage will be on this year’s winter tax bill that comes out December 1st.

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