Jimmy Kimmel interviews Michiana man about recreational marijuana

NOW: Jimmy Kimmel interviews Michiana man about recreational marijuana

NILES, Mich.—A Michiana man is making waves across the county after his visit to the dispensary in Niles that began selling recreational marijuana in January.

Frederick Miller appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night and was referred to as "Stoner from Michigan."

The interview quickly went viral, gathering thousands of likes and shares and over 1 million views on social media.

The late night talk show host worked to track down Miller after the ReLeaf Center in Niles got the green light to start selling recreational marijuana last week. Miller.

“Yeah they were trying to find me. I don’t have a Twitter handle, or at least I didn’t use it, I guess. So, they were trying to find me. George, who works here, he eventually messaged me through Facebook and yeah. Then I found out those emails were real! The ones saying ‘hey you know, we want you on Jimmy Kimmel.’ I was like, whoa, okay. Heh, it’s a little surreal, right?” Miller said.

Miller said he enjoyed the experience of going on the talk show. He appeared remotely but said it felt like he was standing there.

“It felt like I was there, to be honest. And, it was really super comfortable, like he’s so charming, he’s so smart and funny. It actually blew me away, I didn’t know what to expect,” Miller said. “This is a once in a lifetime thing, like I don’t even know how to explain it.”

Miller described his experience visiting the ReLeaf Center in Niles as a “Willy Wonka” experience.

“I got a grand tour of the facility, they treated me super nicely. I got a free t-shirt and jeez, like a bong and some good edibles, oh man, it’s been a super fantastic experience,” Miller said.

Thanks to the popularity of the interview, Miller said he might even land a new job because of it.

“There are interviews, people. I’ve got job offers, man! I didn’t have a job. I still don’t, technically, but,” Miller said.

The ReLeaf Center in Niles is the only recreational marijuana shop in the Michiana area. It’s located off of Terminal Road and began selling recreational marijuana on January 23.

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